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We take our feedback very seriously and won’t stop until you succeed. 


“I think this course is great by teaching you important aspects about tech, but Linkedin especially. The course provides valuable information pertaining to how to present yourself so recruiters can reach out to you.”



“I always wanted to get in tech but didn’t know where to start. I’m glad I found this course when I did. The course has a lot of information. It starts off well by teaching you about the mindset that is needed to be successful in tech. The mindset lessons can also be applied in many different parts of your life to make your life better. Something that is really helpful is that Divy is really responsive. When I had questions, I sent him a DM and he got back to me pretty fast. I’m 60% into the course and have found a lot of the information useful. There is info on different types of jobs in tech which gives you a good idea of where to start. Lots of resources for a bunch of different tech jobs. I still have work to do in the course but I’m confident with hard work and the information from this course that I will be landing a tech job. Thanks for the course.”


“I got an offer for a Server Engineer Contract role!


“It was a great course. Really provides insight on how to improve your resume and what skills are needed to be listed to get recognition from technical recruiters and get the job offer.”

Surjit Khun

Member of Intech


“This looks amazing so far! Plenty of useful info for a total beginner in tech.”

David-Seyni Seye

Great Stuff


“I started off as someone with no experience or background education in the tech industry as I just graduated out of highschool. I’m 18 and none of my friends knew about tech so naturally, I didn’t know where to start. I knew I loved technology and how complex and challenging it is, which is why I wanted to know about cybersecurity. In my spare time, I found this course and it worked wonders for me. This program is a gift as I’m investing in myself.”


“This course will not only teach you how to break into teach successfully but will also teach you skills that will help you feel confident when applying for tech roles. Furthermore, this course also teaches you many transferrable skills applicable in many other settings beyond tech. Amazing course 10/10!”

Evan Oni

Amazing Course


“I know many of you must be thinking to get into tech but don’t know where to start. I have been through that, stressful days of thinking about what to do, and what course I should take first. Then this program came through and I thought why not give it a try? I spend so much money on unwanted stuff and thought, why not this program? Plus the fact it’s very affordable, it makes your life easy. The program has a lot of stuff to learn from, you won’t have to spend hours and days to find the best resources to study as this program has all that you need. I would say – if you don’t know what to do, just give this program a try. Good luck!”

Gurpreet Singh

Solution to your Tech Career Search

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