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Work Remotely In The Cybersecurity Sector & Become Recession Proof

The Reality Of Cybersecurity Careers,

As a learner, you’re overwhelmed and confused with all the information on how to land a career in the Cybersecurity sector. So many options : “What to pick?”, “Do I need to code?”, “Where can i find real world training?”, “Does this even pay well?”, “Can I even do this?”. Google and Youtube are the new double-edged swords with all the information overload causing inefficient time needed to learn skills. You’re spreading yourself thin across your current career, home-life, and free time to worry about finding a job that could be more rewarding. 

I get it, you’re human and capable, but you need the right guidance and toolbox to navigate yourself to that ideal job offer. 

University Charges $15 500

and we don't.

Experience personalized, results-driven learning that focuses on your growth, not your wallet, and empowers you to make a real impact in the cybersecurity world



Semi-Instructor Led+

At InTech, we understand some individuals may be busier with time constraints to commit to an instructor-led training. Luckily for you, we converted our instructor-led curriculum into self-paced excellence so you can succeed in cybersecurity on your own time.  Please contact us so we can connect you with your personal learning advisor for a full breakdown. 

There is no difference in the curriculum from the instructor led training but there is differences in program delivery and simulations.

As a bonus, if are worried about financial  constraints self-paced has budget friendly options for every learner. Contact your learning advisor and get on a call in as little as 24 hours!  

Instructor Led (12-16 Weeks)

At InTech, its okay to want a more handheld classroom style learning experience. An expert Instructor will guide you through our recession proof program and assess along the way, not mention you will earn a DIPLOMA . We have monthly programs that are available for 5 days a week evenings or 2 days a week weekends  at 6-8 PM EST. (subject to change).  Please be advised there will be pre and post tasks and modules to complete and the training is not just live lectures. Need some student-aid? Ask us about FINANCING options. 

Now Accepting Next Batch :  March 1st 2024

Custom Training

Looking for something that suits your unique schedule and needs? Let’s discuss your own custom training build. 

InTech Instructor Led (16-24) Weeks

  A High Paying Remote Tech job with Benefits and Bonuses

  FREE “Learn How to Ingest Information” program 

  FREE “What School Did Not Teach You” Program 

   Clear Roadmap on where you are and how to effectively transition to your desired tech role 

 Types of Tech Careers and the different resources to gain the skills to excel in them

Resume I LinkedIn I  Interview Screening Templates and Tips

FREE 1:1 call with instructor to go in depth on a strategy session to help you break into tech

Real world scenarios of what its like to investigate cybersecurity problems

How to turn your Earned Income into Passive Income with multiple Investment vehicles 

**Unlimited access to weekly zoom coaching calls**
                    ** 1:1 CALLS FOR LIFE** 

Focus on Real World Labs.

For Real World Problems. 

For Real World Experts. 

InTech Vs. Other Cybersecurity Programs




InTech Institute

State University


LightHouse Academy

CompTIA Partner





1:1 Mentorship





Job Guarantee*






$2999 ($7000 grant) 




BONUS Material

Train in confidence.

We partner with the best organizations in the industry.

Trusted worldwide by fortune 500 companies as a Cybersecurity benchmark.

Created by industry professionals for professionals.

Organizations are moving to the cloud.

Stay ready to defend their environment with AWS Security training included.

Companies use SPLUNK to monitor their sensitive data. Now you have the skills to defend by their side.

Bonus Material

Full Financial Literacy Training  ($2000 Value)

Emotional Intelligence. Money Flow. Tax. Investing. Credit.  Networking. Life Insurance. What School Should’ve Taught You.


Not satisfied? 1:1 sessions until you are – We work for you until you’re hired. 

If you still don’t like what you see? Ask for a refund.

Conditions Apply.

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