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Career Domination

The biggest problem with most educational institutions and companies is they lack assisting with their learners in training and understanding how to now use the newly learned skills in a specific discipline and market yourself correctly plus understand how to break into an actual role. 

This is by far the biggest back in learning a skill vs getting hired. 

InTech understands this and we made sure we will never leave you empty handed

Our Main Career Resources

👉  Dedicated career training included in the curriculum for resumes, linkedin, interviews, and soft skills

👉  Career Guest speakers that dive deep into specific topics of corporate branding and how to make yourself stand out digitally and physically

👉  1:1 Resume and LinkedIn Audits and transformation

👉  Realtime mock interviews from our instructors and industry experts

👉  Full Access to our ai interview trainer career application NEXA. Learn more here ( include button)

👉  Internship opportunities with our amazing partner companies for potential to hired full time

👉  Unlimited access to support post program completion for instructors and program managers 


What We Expect From You

Apply at least 8 weeks before your chosen start date to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

The Results

Standard Program Duration: 13-16 Weeks

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