Now Accepting March Instructor-Led Applications

Already Burning The Midnight Oil At InTech?


Always make sure you have gone through the onboarding process so you are accustomed to the different SaaS tools available at your fingertips.

Incase you forgot, here are the tools you have to help you reach your career goals

👉  The InTech Learner Portal: CYB400 and CAR100 are the two main pieces of courseware you will get access to assist you on your journey

👉  NDG Labs: A labbing software for practical training which you will be reimbursed for.

👉  TryHackMe Labs: A labbing software for practical training you will receive vouchers for

👉  TestSim Labs: A labbing software for practical training you will receive vouchers for

👉  Cisco Academy Private Courseware: Private interactive learning courses from our private vendor cisco with practical labs + testing 

👉  How To Install Guides: SOPs on how to download or install several open source tools to enhance your learning experience in cybersecurity(virtual box/kali linux/etc.)

👉  Private Whatsapp Chat: A dedicated whatsapp group with your co-learners and instructors for all types of communication related to your journey in cybersecurity and ofcourse day to day operations 

👉  Weekly 1-1 Calls With Your Instructor or Learning Advisor: You can schedule on your OWN a 1-1 weekly call with your learning advisor and or instructor to discuss your current progress and any bottlenecks.

👉  Career Coach : An InTech Institute, a career coach will come online during your career training week in which you can ask questions and hear there training on perfecting your own career brand to attract more roles in the job market

👉  Cybersecurity Guest : We bring in a real-time cybersecurity expert who has over 5 years experience in cybersecurity to speak about their journey and of course you can pick their brain

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