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Since 2016, Intech Institute has empowered thousands to redefine their career paths and embrace transformative skills. Our track record speaks for itself: 91% of InTech Institutes job-seeking program graduates secure employment within six months post-graduation. We recognize that cost can be a hurdle in pursuing tech education. To support your journey, we offer a range of funding options to make education at InTech Institute more accessible.

In House Financing


We have a range of payment plans available ourselves before branching to other resources  

Monthly Payment Plan

  • InTech 3-6 month plans available
  • AFFIRM buy now pay later (usually can be from 12-24 months)
  • Klara
  • Afterpay
  • Elective buy now pay later (usually can be from 12-16 months)


Provincial Student Aid 

Depending on the location and program you are applying for, student aid can help you. (grants may automatically be included) 

OSAP (coming soon)

Student Aid Alberta (coming soon)

Student Aid B.C (coming soon)


Low Interest + Grant For Newcomers

 Achev’s Accelerating Career Advancement Program

Windmill Microlending

Canada Student Loans 


Student Awards

RBC Future Launch 


Government Assistance

Better Jobs Ontario


Canada Job Grant 



Assistance Bank Loans 

Banks, trust companies and credit unions offer student loans and lines of credit. Talk to your financial institution for information.

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